3 Month Activation Practice Group–Starting This Wednesday!

The Deepening of What is Already True About You!
Access More:
• Energy          • Passion           • Purpose        • Love     • Connection
• Intimacy        • Vitality           • Confidence     • Sexiness       • Creativity
This body oriented process work, coupled with deep insights into the nature of Sexuality, Spirituality and Relating, allows us to address all of these concerns to support and facilitate transformation; igniting and blossoming your inner path to living a fully erotic life, what we call Living an Activated Life!
Total Body Energy Orgasm is an energy based style of bodywork and practice. We use sexual energy (universal life energy) to remove obstructions to the natural flow of energy through the channels of the body. The removal of these obstructions is essential for us to be able to return to our true nature as an embodied experience. This activation process enables us to reconnect with our internal power, our own sense of personal authority and integrity and create truer connections and open the pathways to living more ecstatically.
The Activated Life Process is an inward journey toward transformation.It utilizes your own sexual energy to begin to open places where chronic tension is being held in the body. This tension consists of obstructive conditioning, thought patterns, belief structures and ideas an individual has of themselves and how they relate to the world. As you open your life energy it accumulates, vibrates and begins to create more space for the authentic you to emerge. This process group provides practices and techniques that will invigorate and reawaken that essential quality of you and bring it into your presence and life.STARTS: Feb. 22nd (Every other Wednesday–6 Sessions) 7pm-9pm
FEE: $50/session-$300.00 Total
LOCATION:  36 Peck Sip, NY, NY
CONTACT: Dr. Kristina Kincaid 917-734-2197 or

Email: KristinaKincaid@aol.com
REGISTRATION: Space is limited-3 month Commitment-Interview Required
Note:This Practice and Process Group does not include nudity or explicit sexual touch.
All genders and sexual preferences welcome.