Living an Activated Life is the experience of being consciously, radically alive in our bodies, opening our central energy channel and turning on the cellular memory to the pleasure beings we are. With practice, this embodied aliveness becomes deeply anchored in our being, and our wounds and feelings of brokenness begin to transform. We become rewired to healthy pleasure, realizing we can generate this aliveness and well being from within; take full responsibility for our own desire and reclaim our true power. The ultimate purpose of activation is to lead to a full awakening, which potently liberates us on all levels of our being.

Do you know how your energy field works? You are far more than you appear to be! Human Body—Divine Body is a visceral and sacred exploration of who we really are and how we can inhabit our lives more joyfully knowing our true nature.

This workshop will look at the relationship between your physical and your spiritual being and how your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are reflected in your body and in what you tend to create in your life. You will:

–Explore your human energy field and discover how it is the energetic map of your body.

–Learn how you got here and delve into the body’s instruction manual you never read.

–Experience how the body is divinely engineered for a spiritual journey home.

Together we will explain and explore the fascinating concepts behind energy work, Life, and the healing process itself!

Fee: $150.00

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