One day workshop with Dr. Kristina Kincaid.

Our arousal is a window into the deepest levels of our being. What is the root cause of arousal? Is it an accident of the heart? How do we keep it alive and quivering inside of us?

Sex, can be the deepest source of our pleasures or our sufferings, creating a conflict between our arousal and the forbidden inside of us. The decline of sexual arousal is often a sign of problems brewing in a relationship which outwardly manifest as boredom and withdrawal in our relationships to our Lovers and to ourselves.

Kabbalistic Tantra teaches that we are responsible for our own arousal. Join us for a spontaneous and mystical exploration of Radical Kabbalah which reveals the potent meditative truth that the motivating source of the Divine is arousal.



– how to claim responsibility for your own arousal,
– to deeply understand the powerful relationship between the erotic and the holy,
– to radically submit and accept the sexual as your wisdom teacher,
– the difference between ordinary and extraordinary sexing,
– to liberate eros in every dimension of your sexual and nonsexual life,
– the secret to manifesting an outrageous lover in your life,
– to expand your capacity to receive pleasure,
– to awaken your orgasmic potential as a whole body ecstatic experience that connects you to source,
– what is the “erotic” and what is “merely sexual,”
– why hot sex is not secular but sacred.

Note: This workshop is for both couples and singles. It does not include nudity or explicit sexual touch. All genders and sexual preferences welcome.


Led by Dr. Kristina Kincaid
Assisted by Tara Urszula Pietrzykowska
Dr. Kincaid is the Director of The Institute of Integral Evolutionary Tantra, New York City. Kristina is on faculty at The Institute of Core Energetics and holds an M.A. in Energy Medicine and a Doctorate in Theology from Holos University. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics and Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Her journey has taken her into deep explorations and healing around sexuality. She has a healing practice in NYC.
When: Sunday July 31st, 2016, 10:00AM~5:00 PM
Where: Institute of Core Energetics,
150 West 28th street, suite 1803, New York


Admission: $150 before July 24th, $175 after
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“The work was very powerful. Kristina set up a safe container so I felt comfortable being vulnerable and exploring deeply intimate parts of myself. I opened up in a way I don’t think I could have anywhere else. That is pretty incredible.”
“Thank you so much for an incredible journey into the core we all inhabit — where sexuality meets creativity meets spirituality. You created a beautiful space where strangers became instantly connected, where ego was set aside in favor of creating a presence of mind connected in full acceptance of consciousness. I cried, laughed, listened, celebrated, and most of all, shed something to make room for deeper self love and connectedness.”
“I realized that claiming what I deeply want does not take anything away from others having their needs met — a scarcity mindset. In fact, expressing my needs contributes to an overall feeling of abundance and higher satisfaction. In theory I could have said something like that before — but until that moment I didn’t realize how much more I really have to learn about abundance. What a gift! Something loosened inside of me that now I imagine will keep shifting around for a long time. “