LIVE AN ACTIVATED LIFE!–Workshop July, 16, 2017

Experience A Total Body Energy Activation                                               

A One-Day Workshop Awakening Sexual Energy: Opening the Body’s Inner Energy Circuits

We are entering a new era of communion with the bliss and ecstasy of our highest selves. The new frontiers of consciousness are beginning to understand that we can all have direct access to extraordinary experiences of energy and consciousness. What was once only the domain of mystics and saints is now available to all of us.

The way to do this is to connect our sexual energy throughout our bodies- to our hearts and minds, while activating and integrating the poles in the body. In this workshop we will tap directly into this prime source of life and creative power.

You don’t need a partner to begin this process. The information you need to transform yourself is already coded in your body.  We innately possess the blueprint to activate this flow between the masculine/feminine, yin/yang polarities.  All we need to do is learn how to connect these polarities with conscious direction. Our bodies will then naturally open up to release the blocks to it’s connections to this Source energy and its mysterious healing powers.

We call this process Total Body Energy Activation. This is a journey of embodied awakening – an opportunity to connect with the vast power and potential that is available inside of us. It is the experience of being radically alive in our body. With practice this embodied aliveness becomes deeply anchored in our being and we become ‘turned on’ – all the time. Our wounds and feelings of brokenness begin to dissolve and we feel literally rewired with pleasure. We then realize we can generate this aliveness and wellbeing from within, taking responsibility for our own arousal- reclaiming our true power and potency.

We are meant to live fully erotic lives- not just from our genitals. It is time we give ourselves permission to explore our full sexual potential. It is time we understand the connection between sexual energy and our full aliveness. In doing so we remember ourselves as whole and complete- and discover the possibility to live from flow rather than depletion. The ultimate purpose of activation is to lead to a full awakening which powerfully turns sex into liberation on all levels of being.

When: Sun JULY 16TH  – 11:00am to 5:00pm

Where: 36 Peck Slip #2D NY, NY

Cost: $95.00