Meeting your Dark Attraction: Awakening Your Divine Nature

The primary processes of sexuality are energetic patterns created in our childhood, which are then mediated through the body. Most of us are not even aware of these energetic habits, such as the difference between being separate or merged or even our own preferences and those of our partners.

Unencumbered from such habits, sex can become fresh, alive and open, an art form, a physical prayer, naked, unafraid and raw. Beyond self union, lies a greater union, a total orgasm with the whole, with Source itself This day long journey will be an exploration of how we can gain a conscious choosing over what and how our sexual energy moves in you. From pleasure to sharing, to heightening the spiritual embodiment of your sexuality, we will be in conscious exploration and discovery of these energies in you and how they affect your relationships.

The Activated Life Project is for participants who are longing for a deep spiritual journey and a strong willingness to venture and play where angels fear to tread. We will be working in the deep unconscious, uncovering where we tum away from some of our greatest gifts by delving into what has been deemed unspeakable and taboo. Through exploration of sexual fantasies, sexual constellation work, untamed passions, conscious play, bodywork, breath work, movement, intimacy, connection and respectful service to each other, we can come home to ourselves through a deep honoring of our gorgeous, unique and individual ways of loving.

When: March 19th, 2017 .   Fee: $150.00   Time: 10am-5pm

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