Merging Lines & Circles May 21st, 2017

Merging Lines and Circles- A Tantric Practice for the Outrageous Lover!  

With Dr. Kristina Kincaid

The lover’s art most clearly modeled by the sexual is the merging of the mas­culine- line and feminine- circle energies. Although it is often expressed in the merging of man and woman, it is by no means limited to that expression. To the Hebrew mystics the sexual union of man and woman both models and participates in the more primal union of Shechina (the divine feminine) and Tiferet (the divine mascu­line) which express the two essential forces of the Universe.

In Chinese Taoist thought we would call these forces the yin and the yang. In Hinduism we speak of Shiva, the male fire deity, and his consort Shakti. Their union brings bless­ings to all the worlds. For the Hebrew mystic, Tiferet and Shechina are not disparate forces in the world that occasionally come together for a one-night stand. Instead, they are different faces of the greater union, the force of divinity that courses through the cosmos and our own bodies. 

Their integration is the highest erotic expression of a healed world. Now comes the truly radical insight! The human being is responsi­ble for effecting the uniting of the masculine and the feminine in the God force. Entrusted to us is the sacred task of erotically merging the Shechina and Tiferet, the Goddess and the God. We are the erotic mystics invested with the magic to influence and affect the Force in powerful and profound ways. It is a reaching toward the integration of our own internal female and male – a stretch toward our personal healing that creates a cosmic healing. 

Come and join us for a powerful, potent, sacred Tantric practice to unify, balance and integrate the Shechina and Tiferet,  the Circle and Line poles within ourselves and beyond. We are bridge and balancer. It is we who bring home the exiled Shechina.  

There is no nudity or direct sexual contact in this workshop.
May 21st, 2017
Cost is $125.00
Excerpts from the Mystery of Love by Dr. Marc Gafni