Become a Certified Outrageous Eros
Relationship & Sexuality Practitioner


6 Weekend Intensives
16 Interactive Online Calls
9 Total Body Orgasm Sessions

And more…

A powerful training program that offers profound personal growth through an in-depth experiential and conceptual learning matrix. A combination of the ancient art of esoteric Tantra, the best of Integral and Evolutionary theory along with cutting edge deeply Transformational Body Practices. Become an Outrageous Practitioner and support others in full bodied orgastic living.


Explore how cultivating an enlightened sexuality and awakening as an Outrageous Lover enhances your ability to love and live more powerfully in all areas of your life.

Discover how living an erotic life gives you greater purpose and integrity to fulfill your most important goals.

Learn how the sexual is the ultimate wisdom teacher.

Learn what the erotic actually means; how it relates to the sexual
but is not limited to the sexual.

Discover that love is not just a feeling- It is a much bigger expression of a larger game.

Experience the power of Total Body Orgasm, your natural state of bliss through a unique tantric practice that de-armors the body allowing the free ow of life energy.

Discover a set of distinctions that will change your life and what it means to live in a framework of meaning!

Develop a fearless sense of self expression.


“At this key time in history we are called to evolve and embody Love, Sex and Eros! The sexual is the ultimate Spiritual Master. Deep under- standing of the sexual is the ultimate guide to accessing spirit in every dimension of reality. To be a great Lover–an Outrageous Lover in all facets of your being- we must listen to the elegant spirit whisperings of the sexual.”

–Marc Gafni

Year One
Curriculum Outline
Weekend One–Vital Sexing
New narrative of sexuality–sex positive, negative, neutral, sacred. Outrageous Love
Conscious and Unconscious Vital Sexing
Weekend Two–Personality Sexing
Comfort Sexing, Eros and Pseudo Eros
Separate Self and False Self
Sexual Theater/Fantasy
Fighting and Fucking
Conscious and Unconscious Personality Sexing
Weekend Three– Pleasure Sexing
Pleasure Dharma
Conscious and Unconscious Pleasure Sexing
Weekend Four–Mystical Sexing
Enlightenment Sexing -True Self Sexing
Dharma of Enlightenment
Being Fucked Open to God
Conscious and Unconscious Mystical Sexing
Weekend Five–Unique Self Sexing
The 10 Principles of Unique Self
Conscious and Unconscious Unique Self Sexing
Weekend Six–Bodhisattva Sexing
Prayer Sexing
Evolutionary Impulse
Conscious and Unconscious Bodhisattva Sexing

Accepting Applications From July 1st, 2016

Email here to request an application: contact@integralevolutionarytantra.com