“I am so grateful for the “Domination and Submission” workshop this past weekend. It was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. I feel that your love, passion, wisdom and courage allowed every one of the participants to go beyond and access very deep parts of our spirituality, sexuality and our hearts. All my friends are jealous and want to join me next time. And I’ve made new friends too!” – D.R.

“The work was very powerful. Kristina set up a safe container so I felt comfortable being vulnerable and exploring deeply intimate parts of myself. I opened up in a way I don’t think I could have anywhere else. That is pretty incredible.”

“Thank you so much for an incredible journey into the core we all inhabit — where sexuality meets creativity meets spirituality. You created a beautiful space where strangers became instantly connected, where ego was set aside in favor of creating a presence of mind connected in full acceptance of consciousness. I cried, laughed, listened, celebrated, and most of all, shed something to make room for deeper self love and connectedness.”

“I realized that claiming what I deeply want does not take anything away from others having their needs met — a scarcity mindset. In fact, expressing my needs contributes to an overall feeling of abundance and higher satisfaction. In theory I could have said something like that before — but until that moment I didn’t realize how much more I really have to learn about abundance. What a gift! Something loosened inside of me that now I imagine will keep shifting around for a long time. ”

“I was able to see my sexual fantasy as an exaggerated version of how I navigate through life – playing out how I try to get what I want and be in control – as a result of what I learned growing up. Kristina invited me to open up to my deep desire to be loved through an exercise that let me experience myself as “Shakti.” I can see that this is a beginning- a door was opened and an invitation has been extended to shed a well worn robe and be with myself and my partner (more naked if I dare!) in a very exciting way. Krisitina has many tools from her deep exploration of spirituality and sexuality that she shares as the moment calls. She supports the invitation to “take a risk” with her warmth and wisdom, making it feel safe and well worth it.”

“I came to Kristina’s workshop “Meeting Your Dark Attraction: Sexual Fantasy” with more than a little fear and resistance. Am I going to talk about my sexual fantasies with a group of strangers? Really??? But the level of integrity and safety that Kristina created enabled me to delve deeply into a vulnerable space that was so healing, shedding light on places that needed integrating, which brought me to a feeling of more wholeness.”

the sky opens up

then the top of my head

then god breathes in and out of my body

all the way up all the way down

then all my love pours into the sky

and all my loves

and all their love

and theres no limit

and i cant stop it

suddenly we’re all open

all in love and always have been

for this brief flash of life

it seems like things move slow

and like we walk down the street

but we’re running on fire

screaming our skin off

desperate to live and to love

and to be torn apart

and to disappear