Sexual Energy + Embodied Practice + Surrender = Ecstasy

Most of us are not emotionally or psychologically prepared to handle the dynamic power of love, sex and Eros. Nor do we have real knowledge of how these energies as spiritual forces  play and express in our bodies.

This workshop will help you find new ways to understand and access these transformative forces from mystical and spiritual perspectives though deep body practices. We will learn how to allow these energies to shift our sensory and conscious expression of who we really are and move us into a powerful spiritual rebirthing of ourselves.

Come discover the power behind using sexual energy to create a fusion of a unified state that revitalizes and lifts deadness or historically stuck patterns. Find out how to convert sexual energy into a rocket fuel for ascension to higher levels of consciousness and become the extraordinary being you are truly meant to be.

When: March 25th, 2017       TIme: 10:00AM-5:00PM      Fee: $150.00

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Note:This Practice and Process Group does not include nudity or explicit sexual touch.