The Spiritual Symbolism of Sexuality







Dr. John Pierrakos, the founder of Core Energetics, describes the spiritual symbolism of sexuality saying, “The sexual force is a very unique expression of consciousness in human beings that is reaching for fusion.
Sexuality is a tremendous force for bringing the individual to a state of unification with another human being. In consciousness, the human sexual experience represents all aspects and levels: the body, the mind, the emotion, and the spirit. If these levels are unified and do not oppose each other, a connection and unification occurs and if they oppose each other, disunity results.” Pierrakos adds that the most important thing is unification on all levels of the being. Thus, when the experience of total sexual fusion occurs, the human being experiences an expansion of individual consciousness, moving into a cosmic experience. “Unified sexuality transcends anything that the person experiences in the physical world. The person becomes the creative movement, the cosmos and the universe within, that connects to the universe outside.”


Shared by Dr. Kristina Kincaid